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Note: We wish to inform you that classes will be available in four (4) sessions each day from Monday to Friday with effect from 13 August 2012. There are no changes to the classroom sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday 24 April 2014 PSBAcademy@Delta Evening

S/No Description Session Room Trainer
1 ** Self Study Room ** EVE Student Hub 9am - 10am
2 ** Self-Study Room ** EVE A-102 7pm - 10pm
3 ** Self-Study Room ** EVE A-103 7pm - 10pm
4 ** Self-Study Room ** EVE A-104 7pm - 10pm
5 ** Self-Study Room ** EVE A-105 7pm - 10pm
6 Bazi Club Gathering EVE B-306 Yap Meng Chye
7 DICT - Intro. To Software Engineering(ISEG) EVE E-207(CLab7) Preethi Kesavan
8 Dip - Total Productive Maintenance (IED 2/13) EVE A-101 Woo Kwok Khow Peter
9 Dip- Physics 1 DEE / DME 114 EVE F-101(ElecLab1) Low Chee Wah
10 DIP- Research Project (DEE 211) EVE A-202 Goh Hong Wee
11 Dip- Strength of Materials DME 112/212/113 EVE B-401 Lim Chong Lye
12 Diploma in Business Administration - Extra Class EVE A-408 Clive Mark Fernandez
13 ENU Bsc - SES08702 The Research Process in Sport & Exercise EVE A-203 Harry Lim
14 FDLS Mathematics for Life Sciences Deferred Quiz 1 EVE A-210(MR) TBC
15 LU-Business Information Systems (Yr2) EVE A-308 Leong Mun Poh
16 LU-Business Mathematics & Statistics (Yr1) EVE A-301 Dr Rupal Rana
17 LU-Current Issues in Managing People at Work (Yr3) EVE A-401 Nik Chong
18 LU-International Banking (Yr3) EVE A-201 Thierry Mezeret
19 Orientation - UON Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety EVE D-113 Psb Academy
20 Part-time Business Diploma Preview EVE B-104 Dr John Heng
21 PT DBA(HRM); DBA(SCM) & DBA(MM) 2/14 - Business Decision Making EVE B-207 Cindy Lum
22 SEAM 4/14 - English EVE B-201 Tracie Wong
23 UON Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety EVE E-206(CLab6) Psb Academy
24 UON Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety EVE E-201(CLab1) Psb Academy
25 UON Communication Preview Session EVE B-105 Psb Academy
26 UWA - Reading Popular Culture EVE B-305 Prof Ian Saunders
27 UWA BSc GENE2204 Principles of Genetics EVE B-304 Dr Martin Gr¨¹nert
28 UWA BSc SCIE2225 Molecular Biology EVE A-405 Dr Kho Choon Joo
29 UWA BSc SSEH3375 Psychology of Sport (Comp labs) EVE E-204(CLab4) Ben Jackson

Disclaimer : Effort is made to ensure that the schedule provided on this page is accurate and up-to-date. However, the schedule is subjected to change without prior notice.