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Note: We wish to inform you that classes will be available in four (4) sessions each day from Monday to Friday with effect from 13 August 2012. There are no changes to the classroom sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 19 April 2014 PSBAcademy@Delta Afternoon

S/No Description Session Room Trainer
1 ** Self Study Room ** PM Student Hub 9am - 5pm
2 ** Self-Study Room ** PM A-105 -
3 Dip - Banking & Finance (DBA (BF) 5/13) PM A-103 Jasper Tham
4 Dip - Compensation (DBA (HRM) 4/13 ) PM A-203 Michael Soo
5 Dip - Human Resource Management (DBA 5A/13, DBA (HRM) 5/13) PM A-305 Lok Hanoi
6 Dip - Management Accounting 1 (DBA (AF) 5/13) PM A-201 Yeoh Tark Kee
7 Dip - Materials Management and Physical Distribution (DBA (SCM) 5/13) PM A-204 John Heng
8 Dip - Operation Management (DBA (SCM) 4/13) PM A-202 Tang Wei Ping
9 Dip - Organization Structure & Design (DBA 4A/13) PM B-207 Florence Siew
10 Dip - Sales Management (DBA (MM) 4/13) PM A-104 Ronald Lum
11 Dip- Business Information System (DBA 6B/13, DBA (AF) (BF) (MM) 6/13) PM A-405 Kesavan Preethi
12 Dip- Business Information System (DBA 7/13, DBA (HRM) (MM) 7/13) PM A-205 Tan Kheng Teck
13 Dip- Financial Accounting (DBA (HRM) (SCM) 6/13) PM B-401 Janet Patt
14 Dip- Financial Accounting (DBA 6A/13) PM B-306 Christopher Chiew
15 Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences - Mathematics for Life Sciences PM A-302 Edmund Chang
16 PT DBA 2/14 & DBA(AF) 2/14 - Management PM B-204 Nik Chong
17 PT DBA(HRM), DBA(SCM), DBA(MM) 2/14 - Management PM D-113 Clive Mark Fernandez
18 Real Estate Salesperson Course Batch 12 PM A-306 David Huan

Disclaimer : Effort is made to ensure that the schedule provided on this page is accurate and up-to-date. However, the schedule is subjected to change without prior notice.